Diamonds from Letseng mine will be sold at company’s February tender.

Gem Diamonds has recovered two rough diamonds of more than 160 carats each at its Letšeng mine in Lesotho. 

The stones were uncovered at the end of January. The first is a 162.06 carat type II diamond and the second is a 161.74 carat type I stones. According to Gem Diamonds, each is expected to achieve a high price at Letšeng’s February diamond tender.


Both diamonds were recovered in largely undamaged conditions, with Gem Diamonds stating that its measures to reduce diamond damage at Letšeng is working.

Gem Diamonds chief executive Clifford Elphick commented: “We are pleased to see the Letšeng mine continue to deliver such large high quality white diamonds as the mine confirms its position as the world’s foremost source of exceptional large diamonds.

In October 2013, Gem Diamonds sold an 82 carat white diamond for $4.8 million (£2.88m) while a rare 12.47 carat blue diamond set a record for a Letšeng stone, selling for $7.5 million (£4.5m).