Birmingham-based diamond and precious stone supplier Just Diamonds is offering retailers free use of its diamond and gem selector tool for their websites.

The tool allows customers to choose a diamond or gemstone from Just Diamonds’ collection when purchasing jewellery from the retailer.

The diamond and gem selector tool is now being offered free and does not come with Just Diamonds branding visible to the customer.


Just Diamonds is also an NAJ member, as well as a supplier to the CMJ and more recently to The Guild of Jewellery Designers.

Dinesh Parekh, director of Just Diamonds, said: “After a retailer has placed our diamond and gems platform for free onto their website, their customers will be able to identify and order a stone they want from the retailer site.

“The customer puts in their order; the retailer can then verify the order with the customer, and can proceed to order the diamond with us.

“The platform makes the selection of diamonds incredibly simple for the customer, and software is ‘white labelled’ to suit the requirements of the retailer.”

The company said that its supplies include certified diamonds of a wide variety of specifications, from above one carat to melee.

It aims to sell its products at competitive prices, and will introduce natural coloured gemstones, lab-grown diamonds and mounts in the next few weeks.