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Gembridge becomes exclusive digital vendor of Chinastone gemstones


Digital coloured gemstone trading platform Gembridge added another string to its bow with a new exclusive partnership with Chinastone.

Chinastone is a Bangkok-based global manufacturer of high-precision, machine-cut natural gemstones, its clients including luxury jewellery and watch brands, independent jewellers and watch manufacturers.

Now Gembridge becomes the exclusive digital vendor of Chinastone’s gemstones as the pair ink a new deal, earning commission for every sale of a Chinastone product.

Gembridge will be sole manager of Chinastone’s digital marketing and sales channel, focused on the global SME market, which currently accounts for a significant portion of Chinastone’s $59.2 million (£41.7 million) annual turnover.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Gembridge and provide exclusive promotions. The platform will enable customers easy access to a consistent supply of high-calibrated gemstones that are colour- and quality-assured by our professionals,” said Chinastone founder, Li Chongjie.

Meanwhile, Gembridge CEO Nick Marrett added: “Chinastone has chosen Gembridge as its exclusive digital marketing and sales channel partner worldwide on the strength of Gembridge’s Shopfront service, which delivers an end-to-end e-commerce solution tailor-made for the coloured gemstone market.

“The Shopfront service enjoyed by Chinastone is available to other members of Gembridge. The service comes with a unique URL and allows for customisation of the page.

“Chinastone has requested that their unique colour-coded system is embedded into each listing for easy re-ordering. A Chinastone Colour Sample Set will also be available for viewing at every Gembridge hub worldwide.”


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