Miner’s ethical emeralds adorn Swiss luxury phone company’s handsets.

Gemfields has partnered with Genevan smartphone company Savelli to create a range of limited-edition luxury phones studded with emeralds.

The two designs are set with Gemfields Zambian emeralds and were unveiled at Harrods Fine Jewellery Room in London on April 25. The first, Emerald Night, is set with 400 brilliant-cut emeralds and is limited to 19 pieces. The second, Emerald Insane, is set with 75 baguette-cut emeralds and is limited to just eight pieces.


Gabriella Harvey, Gemfields director of cut and polished gemstones, said: "We are delighted to be working with Savelli, a company which is leading the way when it comes to combining beauty and technology. Not only do we appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that has gone into setting the gems, but we are really excited to see emeralds being used in a smartphone — certainly elevating technology to greater levels of levels of luxury.”

The collection, which is handmade in Switzerland, is said to have posed a challenge for the Savelli mastercraftsmen — with emeralds rarely set on such curvaceous shaped objects. Each gemstone was hand-selected, and cut specifically for each smartphone, ensuring depth of colour, as well as a consistent shade of green.

Alessandro Savelli, founder and chief executive officer of Savelli, said: "This exclusive limited-edition collection perfectly embodies the harmony of technology and jewellery craftsmanship. The partnership between Savelli and Gemfields demonstrates our ability to surprise, by creating both a unique and elegant accessory — which is set with responsibly
sourced gemstones."

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