Users can watch online auctions and make bids using mobile devices.

The Genuine Gemstone Companies’ new retail venture Gemporia has unveiled the next step in its bid to become a leading UK jewellery retailer, launching a free iPhone app.

The app allows users to follow online auctions of gemstones and jewellery, as well as browse and purchase jewellery directly from their devices. Its launch comes during a busy time at the company, with Gemporia recently launching its international website.


The app also works as a companion to TV channels Gems TV and Rocks TV, enabling users watching at home to log in, browse, bid and buy directly from their phones. Customers can also message the television studios live and interact with presenters in real time and with ease.

Gemporia e-commerce director John Bennett said: "We’re looking to converge the comfort of watching from the sofa with the rich experience of online. The app allows our customers to view our channels and interact with us however and whenever they want. In companion mode the app provides second-screen information to accompany the live TV presentation and easily interact with us and purchase. Or the app can be used standalone to view any of our UK or international live broadcasts, with all prices displayed in local currency."

Gemporia is set to launch the Android version of the app in November.