Gems & Gemology editor-in-chief to retire Jan 1


Alice Keller leaves after 8 years at the GIA’s scientific journal

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) announced today that Alice Keller, editor-in-chief of the Institute’s quarterly scientific journal Gems & Gemology (G&G), will retire effective January 1, 2011.

Richard T. Liddicoat, GIA’s leader and patriarch for more than 60 years and editor-in-chief of G&G for 50 years, hand-picked Keller to oversee GIA’s flagship publication in 1980. She became its third editor-in-chief, after GIA founder Robert Shipley and Liddicoat, in 2002. Her expertises are credited as being the pivotal force in developing G&G into the premier professional journal of gemology it is known as today.

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“Alice has been the stalwart guardian of G&G for more than 30 years and has left an indelible mark on GIA’s history and the importance of gemological intelligence,” said Donna Baker, president and CEO. “We are grateful for her valuable contributions and many years of service to GIA and the gem and jewellery industry, so it is my pleasure to name her Editor Emeritus of G&G.”

Keller commented, “I am extremely proud of the publications we have produced and feel privileged to have worked with so many fine authors and editors over the past three decades. I am grateful for the support GIA and the international gem and jewellery community have given G&G, and am honoured to have been its steward during these critical years in the development of gemological research.”

She will remain a consultant co-chair of Symposium 2011, which will be held May 29-30 as part of the GIA 80th anniversary celebration.

Brendan Laurs, who has been with G&G for 13 years and editor since 2002, will be the interim editor-in-chief. Laurs, a geologist and Graduate Gemologist, has written extensively on gem deposits.

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