Offering amnesty to companies who swap pirated CAD for subscription.

Gemvision Inc., specialist in CAD software for jewellery designers, is taking a stand against what it describes as “the unscrupulous use of unauthorised and unlicensed software by the very businesses it is designed to serve”, across the US, Europe and Asia.

Alarmed by the volume of pirated proprietary software, Gemvision is now engaged in an aggressive campaign to “identify violators and seek all legal remedies available”, according to an official press statement.


They are keen to stress that downloading, uploading or distributing unauthorised software is against international copyright law and is punishable with monetary civil damages and significant statutory damages. They will also make violators names public, risking the reputation of international manufacturing companies in the long term.

Gemvision vice president Christopher Burger, said: “We are committed to protecting our customer’s investment. Our technological prowess combined with tenacity will be used to locate, identify and take action against companies and individuals using illegal versions of our software. We will take bold action to eliminate the illegal use of our products.”

Gemvision will now work with international government agencies and expert private investigative resources to seek out piracy. A number of successful raids have already been executed, encouraging the company to forge ahead with further action.

A company statement reads: “While some designers think they are saving money by using pirated software, they are actually missing the intrinsic value of the properly licensed product.

"One element that helps to make Gemvision’s CAD software an award-winning leader in the industry is the support and education that are part of the licensed software package. Not only do legitimate Gemvision customers get a fully-functioning program free of viruses, they also have access to valuable technical support and training as well as the Gemvision Users’ Forum.”

For buyers worried about buying pirated software online, Gemvision recommends looking at the packaging quality and investigating the enclosed documentation, product code and serial code.

Gemvision will grant amnesty to companies who agree to purchase licensed software to replace pirated versions they are currently using. A number of companies have come forward, including some who were successfully raided, in an effort to avoid prosecution and financial penalties.

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