Company telling retailers to embrace design technology to stay ahead.

Gemvision Europe is set to showcase its new version of CounterSketch Studio 3.0 at IJL, in an effort to win over retailers with its technology-driven jewellery retail software.

The company’s software allows retailers to design rings in front of customers for them to have made bespoke, offering thousands of different options in one place, which it says helps eliminate the overheads of holding fine jewellery stock.


GemVision said its latest version features faster search results, new preview profile for designs, more coloured metal options and the functionality to mix colour stones in one design.

Graham Dicks, Gemvision Europe’s manager, said: “This is an exciting time for jewellery retailers.

“The world of product branding and bespoke design is more relevant than ever before, providing a personal and exciting shopping experience is essential to the growth of the jewellery industry.

“With even more customers seeking the ability to create their own bespoke piece of jewellery, there has never been a better time for retailers to invest in the latest design software technology.”

Dicks added that successful retailers “will be the ones who embrace new technologies and adapt to meet the buying requirements of this new generation of potential customers”.

Visitors to the GemVision IJL stand, H149, will also be able to preview its latest version of Gemvision’s Matrix 7 design software, offering more freedom to designers “to create the type of complex organic design shapes which are generally only created by hand”.