Bedra Metals, a German specialist in unbranded jewellery and raw materials, has put the UK at the top of its target market list and is making its debut at IJL to meet jewellers.

The 25-year-old company is based closed to Stuttgart, considered the home of jewellery manufacturing in Germany, and has run a successful subsidiary in Dublin since 2010 headed by Matthew Mclachlan and Cianan Doyle (pictured).

The Irish company’s head of marketing, Orla Matthews, told Professional Jeweller at IJL that they were exhibiting for the first time as part of a move into England the rest of the UK.


Bedra is a well known name to the trade in the Republic of Ireland, where it has built a reputation for selling competitively-priced products to jewellers.

Ms Matthews described how they carved out a market by offering high quality German-made jewellery at price points that compete with wholesalers from Asia.

“Our customers love the German-made product because it is much higher quality. They are tired of selling poor quality chains that keep coming back because the clasps break,” she said.

The UK market will bring Bedra into competition with large groups including Cookson Gold and Curteis, but Ms Matthews believes that the company’s energy and personalised service will create opportunities.

“There has been an enormous amount of interest [at IJL]. People can see the quality of our product and like the price,” Ms Matthews revealed.