Welsh jewellery brand Clogau Gold has launched its summer campaign, ‘It’s who you share it with’, with TV presenter Gethin Jones once again returning.

S3 Advertising filmed the piece over three days in its native Cardiff, later adding the track ‘It’s OK’ by Tiktok sensation and singer Tom Rosenthal.

“It was time the brand took a big step forward across the board in opening Clogau up to everyone,” said S3 Advertising’s creative producer, Ben Horder. “The soundtrack is a big part of that.


“We’ve always known Clogau to be inclusive, authentic and in touch with real life, but this is a huge leap in ensuring this is clear to our audience.”

The advert depicts a series of situations which are enhanced by their being experienced with a loved one.

S3 creative lead, David Warfield, said: “We show how everyday moments are made better when shared with those we love – turning ordinary situations into love stories that make us smile, laugh and cry.

“The narratives we position are real, relevant and very much in touch with our target audience.”

For more than 30 years, Clogau has crafted jewellery using Welsh gold in every piece.