Italian luxury fashion house Gucci has launched a new boutique in Glasgow.

The store is located in the city’s historic Argyll Arcade, built in 1827 and home to many of Glasgow’s luxury jewellery retailers.

This comes as the brand celebrates its 100th anniversary, having been founded in 1921.


The boutique sells Gucci’s fine jewellery and watch lines and is opened in partnership with Rox, Gucci confirmed.

The Gucci Link to Love, Lion Head and GG Running collections are all represented.

Meanwhile, in the silver jewellery category, visitors will find pieces from the GG Marmont and Interlocking G collections.

The brand has also given focus to the interior design of the store, which includes sage green leather panels with an optical-patterned carpet marking out the floor space.

Elsewhere, leather-finished counters and wooden display towers showcase the collections.

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