Latest luxury pieces to be sold in the fine jewellery room.

London-based designer Glenn Spiro is set to open a showcase of haute jewellery collection exclusively at Harrods’ fine jewellery room from April 10.

Born and educated in London, designer Glenn Spiro – who works under the brand name G – trained as a master jeweller and was later appointed as a senior director of Christie’s and international specialist of their jewellery department.


Spiro has been collection fine gems for 25 years in order to craft pieces for discerning collectors and clients from around the world.

In 2001, Spiro set up a workshop in Los Angeles, followed by a workshop and head office in Geneva and London’s Mayfair. His pieces contain coloured gemstones set in traditional precious metals and more innovative materials like titanium and carbon.

Spiro explains: "We travel the world to find these wonderful gemstones, however most of our work is done for us by Mother Nature, we just try to put them in the right settings."

The latest collection will be exclusively available from Harrods’ fine jewellery room from April 10.