FineLine Technologies, a global leader in apparel ticketing, has announced plans to expand into the jewellery market.

Its recent acquisition of Data2 Corporation, a US-based company with more than 30 years of expertise in jewellery source tagging solutions, has created a global presence and facilitated rapid expansion into the European jewellery market.

Data2 provides department store and specialty jewellery retailers and their supply chain with barcode and RFID tags that are designed to securely attach to all types of jewellery.  These tags – both barcode and RFID – will survive ultra-sonic cleaning and withstand handling (no fading or smudging from human oils or hand sanitizers) while never leaving adhesive residue or distracting from the merchandising appeal of your jewellery asset.


Although most retailers currently deploy Data2’s barcode-only solution, the demand for RFID tags – a smart tag that electronically stores details – is increasing by the day.

“RFID offers a range of benefits over barcodes such as improved inventory accuracy, efficient replenishment, increased sales and loss prevention.  Recent improvements to RFID (e.g. smaller tags with enhanced performance) now makes it ideal for the jewellery market and wide adoption is expected during the next few years,” shares FineLine’s European director, Terry Kemp.

“The acquisition of Data2 furthers our strategy of becoming the world’s premier barcode and RFID tag provider,” adds FineLine’s VP of global sales and marketing, Steven Davidson. “In addition to obtaining Data2’s barcode and RFID ticketing technology, FineLine will make use of the business’s existing market penetration to deliver our FASTtrak online ordering and fulfilment solution. FASTrak delivers retail tickets, barcode labels and RFID tags to customers worldwide faster than any other service bureau provider in the industry.”

He continues: “It enables our retail customers to more effectively and accurately manage their global supply chains. With the Data2 acquisition, FASTtrak now becomes available to the retail jewellery market.”