Goldsmiths’ Centre hosts stone setting masterclass

More than 70 attendees take part in first diamond setting session.

By Hallie Engel

The Goldsmiths’ Centre in Clerkenwell, London, last week launched a series of technical masterclasses for trade professionals, with the first focused on optical diamond setting.

The Alexandre Diamond Optical Setting and Engraving School of Antwerp joined forces with Suttons Tool for the launch session, held on March 19th.

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More than 70 professionals from across the UK attended the event, with one-on-one sessions providing participants the opportunity to explore their personal techniques whilst learning from experts.

Attendees got to grips with using an optical microscope and air-powered tools. A combination of videos, live demonstrations and hands-on sessions also took place, with expert stone-setter Alexander Sidorov sharing his experience in two specialized areas, microscopical engraving and stone setting.

Sidorov said he was pleased at the success of the masterclass, stating: “The vibrant, modern facilities of the Goldsmiths’ Centre provided the ideal environment for demonstrating a technique that will make a huge difference to the future of diamond-setting,” describing the centre is a “natural place to share new skills and ideas.”

The Goldsmiths’ Centre director Peter Taylor added that the centre is “a place of expertise and opportunity,” with the power to bring members of the trade together to learn, share ideas and continue to develop.

The Optical Diamond Setting Master class is the first in a series of events that will take place at key points in the industry calendar.



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