170 selected to exhibit at new look event in September.

The Goldsmiths’ Fair has revealed its full exhibitor line-up, including debut talents, graduate award winners and returning acclaimed masters.

170 artist-makers have been selected to attend the redesigned event to be staged at the Goldsmiths’ Hall from September 22 to October 5. They include 34 first-time exhibitors, with 117 jewellers and 53 silversmiths overall.


Exhibitors were selected from across the UK by a judging panel assembled by the Goldsmiths’ Company. The number of applications submitted increased by 18% compared to 2013, with graduate bursary applications rising by 43%.

First-time exhibitors this year will include jewellers Jacqueline Mina OBE, Christina Zani, Melanie Georgacopoulos and silversmith Yusuke Yamamoto.

In addition, the Goldsmith’s Company has awarded ten recent graduates a stand at the Fair, a bullion loan, £1,500 cash and mentoring sessions with experts from the Goldsmiths’ Centre. Names to look out for in this category include 24-year-old jeweller Bola Lyon and silversmiths Hamish Dobbie and Charlotte Duckworth.

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First Time Exhibitors
Jacqueline Mina OBE
Clara Breen
Joana Cunha
Fiona DeMarco
Melanie Georgacopoulos
Amy Keeper
Ana Meneses
Lynne Maclachlan
Tanja Ufer
Sophie Stamp
Juliette Bigley
Chris Boland
Deborah Cadby
Mara Irsara
Ulrike Kaiser
Claire Malet
John Moore
Anna Wales
Yusuke Yamamoto
Cristina Zani
Stepan Terteryan
Mirri Damer
Jo McAllister
Jennifer Saker

Returning Exhibitors

Jane Adam
An Alleweireldt
Disa Allsopp
Vicki Ambery-Smith
Melanie Ankers
Zoe Arnold
Hidemi Asano
Ruth Ball
Stacey Bentley
Barbara Bertagnolli
Catherine Best
Petra Bishai
Colette Bishop
Jonathan Boyd
Alison Bradley
Abigail Brown
Chris Carpenter
Kevin Charles
Sonia Cheadle
William Cheshire
Angela Cork
Alan Craxford
Jacqueline Cullen
Jemma Daniels
Rebecca de Quin
Tamar De Vries Winter
Ute Decker
Mikala Djørup
Tomasz Donocik
James Dougall
Yen Duong
Kate Earlam
Ndidi Ekubia
Rachel Emmerson
Tina Engell
Alison Evans
Kristjan Eyjolfsson
Esther Eyre
James Fairhurst
Marianne Forrest
David Fowkes
Serena Fox
Maria Frantzi
Polly Gasston
Eileen Gatt
Lucie Gledhill
Rajesh Gogna
Gill Galloway-Whitehead
Karina Gill
Beth Gilmour
Grace Girvan
Charmian Harris
Lilly Hastedt
Ingo Henn
Sarah Herriot
Rauni Higson
Rebecca Hill
Catherine Hills
Susi Hines
Kathryn Hinton
Ulla Hörnfeldt
Adrian Hope
Ornella Iannuzzi
Stuart Jenkins
Phil Jordan
Rebecca Joselyn
Marion Kane
Martin Keane
Hee Young Kim
Sabine Konig
Josef Koppmann
Dagmar Korecki
Daphne Krinos
Andrew Lamb
Sue Lane
Gilly Langton
Beth Legg
Nan Nan Liu
Anna Lorenz
Esther Lord
Olivia Lowe
Jane Macintosh
Shona Marsh
Lucy Martin
Catherine Martin
Hannah Martin
Sian Matthews
Alistair McCallum
David McCaul
Ryan McClean
Graeme McColm
Jo McDonald
Angus McFadyen
Samantha Moore
Louise Mary
Mark Nuell
Louise O’Neill
Sarah Parker-Eaton
Shivani Patel
Brett Payne
Elizabeth Peers
Christopher Perry
Jessica Poole
Martyn Pugh
Sarah Pulvertaft
Alexandra Raphael
Melissa Rigby
Jack Row
Tom Rucker
Kayo Saito
Olivia Schlevogt
Jean Scott-Moncrieff
Kerry Seaton
Maya Selway
Mariko Sumioka
Luke Shimell & Emma Madden
Mary Ann Simmons
Eric N. Smith
Mark Soley
Carolyn Stephenson
Graham Stewart
Craig Stuart
Rie Taniguchi
Gun Thor
Adi Toch
Ruth Tomlinson
Alan Vallis
Polly Wales
Victoria Walker
Ray Walton
Jo Hayes Ward
Sarah Warsop
Zoe Watts
Misun Won
Heather Woof
Janice Zethraeus

Graduate Award Exhibitors
Thomas Asquith
Elizabeth Campbell
Scarlett Cohen-French
Sally Cox
Benjamin Ryan
Hamish Dobbie
Charlotte Duckworth
Alma Geller
Bola Lyon
Heather McDermott