Fair management encouraging jewellers to showcase brand new work.

The new Goldsmiths’ Fair management team has refreshed its exhibitor selection process in a bid to encourage 2014 applicants to showcase new work at this year’s event.

The team, led by The Goldsmiths’ Company’s head of communications and marketing David Mills, has revealed the selection process criteria for 2014 to be as transparent as possible with potential exhibitors as to what is expected from them and their work.


It is hoped that by encouraging applicants to present new jewellery or silverware, their own evolution as designers will become clearer to Goldsmiths’ Fair attendees. In turn, by presenting new work the show will feel refreshed and rejuvenated as it enters a new era under the leadership of a new team.

The 2014 selection process criteria will ask all applicants to:

– Demonstrate excellence in design and technique
– For those that have applied before: evidence of design development and presentation of new designs
– Cohesive relationship of the applicant’s work as a group
– Ability to project a recognisable design ‘identity’
– Integration of form with function
– Balance of commercial viability with originality and innovation

The application process for the 2014 Goldsmiths’ Fair is currently underway, with a closing date of February 28. The selection process will take place at the beginning of March, with all applicants reviewed by a specially appointed selection panel, including silversmiths, retailers and gallery owners.

The Goldsmiths’ Fair has said that images will be the first and main point of reference for any applicant, with additional information only due to be used if an applicant is successful.

The Fair is being overseen by Mills and fair and events manager Joanne Dodd. They are currently working on a number of projects that will bring the event up to date for today’s audience.