Smash-and-grab duo escaped with 33 watches after terrifying staff.

Smash-and-grab thieves stole £90,000 worth of Rolex watches when they hit a Goldsmiths store in Exchange Ilford on Tuesday.

Two men stormed the shop armed with a baton and a hammer and proceeded to smash through the glass window display and grab 33 Rolex watches with individual retail values of between £3,000 and £6,000. One man acted as a lookout while the other bundled the watches into a bag.


The attack took place at 9.50am and there was one customer in the store along with branch staff. Goldsmiths Exchange Ilford deputy manager Scott Morrison described the attack as frightening.

He told local paper The Recorder: “We were scared for our own safety and quickly moved out of the way. They must have only been in the window for less than half a minute before cycling away towards the car park.”

Police are now on the hunt for the thieves and are appealing for any witnesses.

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