A review of Google Search Trends reveal that lab created diamonds are gaining more and more attention each year.

According to Brilliant Earth, an ethical bridal and fine jewellery brand, interest in lab diamonds has increased in the past few years, specifically amongst millennials.

Over the past decade, Google search interest has increased from 36% to 100%, demonstrating peak popularity in January 2018.  Additionally, in a recent survey conducted by Brilliant Earth, approximately 40% of consumers aged 18-34 said they would feel positively about a lab diamond engagement ring – a 10% increase from the company’s survey in 2015.



Brilliant Earth says continued improvements in technology has paved the way for a wider variety of lab diamonds becoming available, yielding larger and higher quality lab diamonds in a wider range of fancy shapes. With this in mind, the brand predicts a boost in consumers opting for lab grown jewels this year.

Furthermore, as experts predict consumers will increasingly become more ‘ethically aware’, lab created diamonds offer an opportunity for customers to be 100% confident in the ethics of their stones.