Surrey jeweller taken from home and forced to drive to store.

The owner of Gordon Marks jewellers in Cobham, Surrey, was left shaken and injured after he was kidnapped at his home by thieves on Sunday evening.

This is the second time that the jewellery shop boss has been subjected to such an attack – he was kidnapped from his home, forced to drive in his own car to his store and made to open up so that the thieves could take jewels from the windows – in just over a year.


The jewellery boss managed to escape his captors during the robbery and raise the alarm as they were raiding the window display, according to a report in local newspaper The Leatherhead Advertiser.

Surrey Police have described the incident as serious and said that they are appealing for information from anyone who saw anything suspicious on Sunday evening in Ockham at about 9pm or in Cobham between 10pm and 11pm.

The force said that the man has been left shaken and injured but did not require hospital treatment. Police added that the robbers had placed a pillowcase over the man’s head, assaulted him and ransacked his home for valuables.

Such crimes, known as Tiger Kidnaps, are key concern for jewellery retailers. For more on what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of such a crime click here