The UK Government is expected to extend its furlough scheme until some point in the summer according to recent comments from one minister.

The furlough scheme, currently set to end at the end of April, will likely be extended for another two months until the end of June as the government looks to continue its support of businesses and individuals as Covid-19 restrictions continue.

Business minister Paul Scully said to parliament on Tuesday in discussing the upcoming budget: “This Government believe that we should indeed look at the economy as a whole and at the businesses that need that support.”


He continued: “Given the current climate, it is right that we focus on supporting individuals and businesses through the pandemic.

“In the past, the Government have ensured that businesses and people have that certainty by extending the furlough and business grants.

“The announcements at the Budget will reflect the steps set out in the Prime Minister’s road map, ensuring that the next phase of our economic support package continues to deliver tailored support for individuals and businesses.”

These comments have caused many to believe that Chancellor Rishi Sunak will extend the furlough scheme in the near future.