Graff Diamonds has acquired the Firebird 20.7ct diamond from Alrosa.

While the parties have not disclose the transaction details, they have revealed it achieved one of the highest prices per carat for such a stone in recent years.

The yellow asscher-cut 20.69 ct diamond was graded by GIA as Fancy Vivid Yellow – VS1 – excellent polish and symmetry.


Created by nature and brought to perfection by Alrosa cutting and polishing masters, the diamond resembles a simultaneous ensemble of flame, reflections of sunlight on crystal water and a trail of sparkles coming from the tail of a Firebird.

“This Fancy Vivid Yellow with high clarity and very special step-cut is truly unique. And one can only imagine the wealth of rough colors that comes from that fire that sparks the diamond’s lightness. It is extremely rare and very special in the world of diamonds to see unique yellow diamond like this,” says GIA chief quality officer, John King.

The diamond is a part of “The Spectacle” unique diamonds collection, dedicated to the Russian ballet. There are two more diamonds in the collection, one of them is Spirit of the Rose, a 14.8 ct Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink stone. Another diamond will be announced later when cutting and polishing is finished.

The Firebird diamond was created from Stravinsky, a 34.17 ct rough diamond, bearing both rare honey-yellow overtones and incredible clarity. Discovered at the Ebelyah mine in Yakutia, the gem became the largest yellow rough diamond extracted in Russia in 2017. It was defined by its naturally-occurring shape, smooth structure and, most certainly, by its incredible intensity and homogeneity of color.

Alrosa chief executive officer, Sergey Ivanov, says: “We are delighted to see that such a beautiful exceptional diamond has found an equally exceptional owner. Without a doubt, it could be a heart for a magnificent exclusive jewelry piece.

“It is more than just a regular deal for Alrosa. This is the first direct purchase of Graff made without intermediaries, and we hope that it will be the beginning of a new phase of our work. We pleased to see the trust of major industry players, which, among other things, was made possible thanks to our efforts in the field of business transparency, diamond provenance guarantees and our high contribution to society.”