Graff has added an extraordinarily rare rough pink diamond to its portfolio of exceptional stones.

The luxury jewellery house has acquired a 13.33ct rough pink diamond, which was discovered at the Letsengmine in the African Kingdom of Lesotho, by Gem Diamonds in February 2019.

The Letseng mine achieves the highest dollar per carat price for a Kimberlite mine in the world, renowned for yielding many of the world’s most famous diamonds, including the Lesotho Promise, The Letseng Legacy and the Letseng Star.


Laurence Graff purchased the Graff Lesotho Pink diamond for $8,750,360 (£6,639,554.4), breaking the record dollar per carat price of any Letseng diamond.

Graff’s master artisans will now carefully assess the stone to interpret its potential and decide how to best optimise both the size and quality of the polished diamond.

Founder and chairman of Graff, Laurence Graff, shares: “This is the most vivid pink rough diamond I have ever seen, and it is an exceptionally rare treasure. We are renowned for cutting and polishing exceptional diamonds, and I am sure the polished diamond that comes from this rough will be an auspicious addition to our roll call of famous gems. It is an enormous privilege to own this natural miracle, we may never see anything like it again.”

The world’s already extremely limited resources of pink diamonds are quickly depleting, as the mines where these rarities are discovered gradually become extinct.

Graff searches tirelessly for the very best examples of pink diamonds displaying the most vivid and vibrant colour, identifying once in a lifetime discoveries and creating jewels that showcase their hues.