Graff introduces 132.55 carat The Golden Empress yellow diamond to the world

Golden Empress 132.55 Fancy Intense Yellow

The Golden Empress, a 132.55 carat fancy intense yellow diamond has been introduced to the world by Graff.

The diamond, cut from an opaque 299 carat rough from the Letšeng mine in Lesotho joins Graff’s roll call of historically important yellow stones that includes The Delaire Sunrise, the largest square emerald cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond in the world at 118.08 carats; The Gemini Yellows at 51.29 carats and 55.74 carats; and the 100.09 carat Graff Vivid Yellow.

Before the rough jewel was cut, the first stage of the long process involved a meticulous study of the individual nuances of the stone, and the risks involved.

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Graff’s Senior gemmologists carefully assessed the stone for secrets hidden within its infinite depths; it was at this point the distinct personality of the Golden Empress was revealed.

“An inextricably feminine and intensely warm molten-like glow radiates from the very core of this majestic diamond,” Graff says.

“Coloured diamonds refract and reflect light differently to white diamonds and are cut accordingly, ensuring the jewel’s individual saturation, tone and hue is optimised,” Graff continues.

“This difference in treatment required Graff’s artisan cutters and polishers to strike a tightrope balance between articulating the facets to encourage light in, igniting the fire within whilst not losing any of its colour. Their instinctive passion and respect for diamonds resulted in a 132.55 carat Fancy Intense cushion cut diamond,” the company explains.

The rough yielded a further eight satellite stones, comprising six pear shape Fancy Yellow stones – the largest at 21.34 carats – and two brilliant round stones.

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