Graff jewellery robbers jailed

Mastermind of UK’s largest jewellery robbery gets 23 years behind bars

Four men have been jailed for taking part in the UK’s largest ever jewellery robbery, which took place in Mayfair last August.

Gems worth £40 million were stolen from the Central London store by robbers, who wore disguises and took a member of staff hostage at gunpoint.

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Mastermind Aman Kassaye, 25, has been jailed for 23 years, with three other men receiving sentences of 16 years each. All four were found guilty of conspiracy to rob and Kassaye was additionally convicted of kidnapping and firearms offences.

Whilst sentencing the robbers, the Woolwich Crown Court judge said: "The staff were victim of a terrifying ordeal at gunpoint.

"To carry out a robbery in that area where security is extremely high required meticulous planning and a very significant number of conspirators."

The stolen pieces have yet to be recovered, despite a £1 million award being offered for information leading to their recovery.



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