Green Rocks Created Diamonds, based in London’s Hatton Garden, today announced the next in its series of webinars scheduled for Thursday, 10 June at 4pm GMT.

After the success of their first webinar in March – which was led by Adam Hoffman, CTO of the laboratory, and focused on how diamonds are grown – the Green Rocks team decided that they would turn this into a series.

“We were blown away by the response from jewellers” said Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks. “The audience had lots of questions and clearly wanted to understand the technical side of how laboratory-created diamonds are grown on a deeper level.


“Adam and his team of scientists in Israel are leaders in the field of CVD production and jewellers were given an amazing opportunity to ask questions or address any concerns directly from the source.”

Joined by over 200 independent jewellers from 15 different countries the team at Green Rocks asked the audience what they wanted the next webinar to focus on. By a majority, the response was around sustainability and the green credentials of laboratory-grown diamonds.

With this in mind, the guest for the next webinar on June 10 has been confirmed as Stanley Mathuram who is the executive VP for SCS Global.

SCS is a well-known name in the jewellery sector as one of the organisations accredited to conduct the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Code of Practices and Chain-of-Custody verification assessments globally. They are also a Signet-approved partner for the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol.

Since joining the SCS team, Mathuram has been instrumental in educating industry leaders about the value of third-party certification and has worked closely with Green Rocks on the pilot audit to launch the Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds (SCS 007). This is the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard to be developed for the diamond sector.

“This certification establishes unprecedented benchmarks of performance including rigorous environmental, social and governance achievements with zero tolerance for conflict stones or labour abuse as well as climate neutrality and zero impact production requirements” said Mathuram. “All of this is backed by independent, third party certification. No other standard provides this level of assurance to jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and their customers.”

Peres added: “I believe jewellers and consumers are demanding more transparency and are making more conscious choices. This certification is a great thing for the industry as a whole and will be a powerful tool for jewellers to use to say that the diamonds they source from us are sustainably grown.

“Making more sustainable choices will become the norm and we are very proud at Green Rocks to have been a part of the pilot to launch this ground-breaking certification.”

To sign up for the next webinar, click the link below. Attendees must enter their name and email address to be emailed their unique invite code to the session on the day of the event.

To contact the Green Rocks UK team please call 0203 903 0969.

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