Green Rocks Created Diamonds, based in Hatton Garden, London, claimed in November 2020 that it was the first laboratory-grown grower in the world with the Gemmological Institute of America’s (GIA) new lab-grown diamond report.

“We are 100% behind the GIA on this” reports Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks, “The GIA is the leading diamond grading lab in the world with a reputation for transparency and high standards. Consumers deserve full disclosure so that they can have total confidence in the quality of every laboratory grown diamond they purchase. We are extremely proud to say that we are the first laboratory-grown company in the world to bring our diamonds to market with a full GIA report.”

GIA’s laboratory grown diamond report discloses whether the diamond was created by HPHT or CVD. However, it now claims to be the first report which notes whether the diamond has been post-growth treated to enhance the colour of the diamond. This marks a major shift and one that Peres expects the industry and consumers to quickly adopt. The company is already seeing an enormous increase in demand for their untreated, “As Grown” diamonds across their USA, Canada & UK offices.


The practice of colour enhancing laboratory grown diamonds is not new but unfortunately, until now, it has gone largely unchecked by the industry and unknown by the consumer. This method of colour enhancement takes low quality, low colour “brown” rough diamonds that have been put through the growth process too quickly and treats it, often multiple times, until the diamond is white enough to sell. It is a way of making improperly grown diamonds sellable, notes Peres, but tell-tale signs of slight grey tints and milkiness that would not be visible in un-treated stones can be left behind.

“This is an industry game-changer, critical to the integrity of the market and the protection of our clients.” says Peres. “We have never and will never treat our diamonds and fully support this evolution.”

For more information about Green rocks Created Diamonds or for further questions about post-growth treatments find us at or contact our London office on 0203 903 0969