Green Rocks Created Diamonds has taken yet another step in making sure its products are some of the most sustainable on the market.

The company has been accredited under the SCS 007 Sustainability Rated Diamond Standard for Trial Use.

This achievement grants Green Rocks the authorisation to use the claim of ‘Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond’ on premium diamonds produced in its production facility in Nesher, Israel.


The company revealed it had met the five major pillars of sustainability as set out by SCS: origin assurance, ethical stewardship, climate neutrality, sustainable production practices and strategic sustainability investments.

The audit included extensive on-site inspection, interviews, documentation review, diamond testing, and a full assessment of the life-cycle of the diamonds.

Green Rocks CEO, Leon Peres, said, “At Green Rocks, we believe that sustainability is the ultimate luxury.

“Our retail partners are increasingly demanding that products be produced and handled in sustainable ways that don’t hurt the environment or infringe on human and worker rights.

“We are proud of our achievement in meeting the requirements of the SCS-007 standard as it provides independent proof of our commitment to sustainability and transparency.

“We are excited to be selling these premium certified stones that bring tremendous value to the consumers and to the diamond industry.”

Stanley Mathuram, executive vice president at SCS Global Services, the third-party certification body, said: “Green Rocks was examined for its adherence to stringent benchmarks of social and environmental accountability, transparency and provenance assurance.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment. We’d like to congratulate them on their hard work and proven success as a trendsetter in the jewellery industry.”