Green Rocks Diamonds has entered into an exclusive partnership with Fire Diamonds, a business specialising in one of a kind, coloured lab grown diamonds.

Fire Diamonds’ offering ranges in size from .50ct – 13.00cts and through the collaboration with Green Rocks, will combine the best diamond cutting to produce colours that the brands say have never been seen in diamonds before.

Ben Hakman, Founder of Fire Diamonds and an industry veteran who crossed over from natural diamonds into the lab-grown category, said even more than creating rare cuts, his focus is on creating high-quality, unique colors.


He explained how he is focused on “giving the consumer value and an experience they couldn’t have had before, because in the past 20 years anything that was color enhanced was really bad quality.”

He added: “What we’re doing is only the beginning.”

Green Rocks will have a Capsule Collection of finished jewelry available to view at JCK Las Vegas.

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