Founders Sidney Neuhaus and Jessica Warch

In this last section of Green Rocks’ second Special Report in partnership with Professional Jeweller, we hear from a customer of one of the retailers dealing in Green Rocks’ products.

Kimaï is a bespoke fine jewellery service specialising in the use of laboratory-grown diamonds and stocked in Selfridges and Browns. Here an anonymous customer gives their take on Kimaï’s products.

Why did you choose Kimaï? 
Not feeling inspired by the local jewellers and knowing I wanted a high-quality lab-grown diamond, I began researching jewellers online.


Almost immediately I found Kimaï and  I knew I had struck gold.

Their attention to detail, beautiful designs, and prioritisation of protecting our earth, coupled with the fact they are a women-owned business, made my decision so easy.

I was impressed with their great, trusted reputation for creating beautiful, resilient and custom pieces.

Why did you choose to have a laboratory-grown diamond for your engagement ring? 
I chose lab-grown diamonds for my engagement ring not only because I wanted a stone that I knew had a very small impact on the planet, but also because I could get the carat, cut and colour that I wanted at a much more economical price.

What solidified my decision was being safe in the knowledge that the stones I would get from Kimaï would be of the highest quality.

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