Hayley and Holly

As part of Green Rocks Diamonds’ second Special Report with Professional Jeweller the supplier has interviewed members of the public to find out their opinions on lab-grown diamond products.

Here couples Hayley and Holly and Stephen and Olga have their say.



Why did you choose laboratory-grown diamonds for your engagement rings?
Hayley: I always dreamed of having a 1.50ct diamond for my engagement ring. However, with also buying Holly’s engagement ring as well as being in the process of buying our first home together, it felt like a dream that would not come true.

I felt a real sense of guilt buying such a large stone for myself when we were buying a house and planning a big wedding, so I resigned myself to settling for something much smaller.

Then I saw a Netflix documentary called Explained and I was immediately sold on the idea of LGDs. They are chemically and optically the same as natural diamonds but let me have the size I wanted without breaking the bank.

Holly: I really had no idea what laboratory-grown diamonds were until Hayley found this Netflix documentary.

It was all she talked about for weeks, but it really made sense to me. I am a pragmatic person and to me the emotion is not in whether the diamonds in our rings were from the earth.

I do not buy into the romance behind that. What was a determining factor in deciding between the two was that the laboratory-grown diamond would let Hayley have the ring she had always wanted.

Hayley: We went to a few different jewellers who tried in vain to discourage us from choosing them, saying we wouldn’t be able to sell them if we wanted to in the future.

It wasn’t something we had considered, but we quickly decided this was not a concern for us: Holly is the most amazing woman and I hope to be with her forever.

Buying a lab-grown diamond ring let me have the size of diamond I had always dreamed of and the money we saved on our two rings will go towards house renovations.

I have the most beautiful 1.50ct DVS1 round brilliant diamond in a four-claw solitaire. I cannot stop staring at it all day! I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Holly: Hayley designed my ring and I designed hers. She chose the most perfect twisted band, just like a ring I had inherited from my grandmother.

Everyone who sees my engagement ring always tells me that it is perfect for me and so in keeping with the rest of my jewellery.

The process of designing them is something I will remember forever. I will never forget the look on Hayley’s face when she saw her ring for the first time. I am so happy she got what she always dreamed of.

Did the future value of your ring really never concern you? 
Hayley: The Explained documentary touched on this topic. After researching a little more I was shocked to discover what the re-sale value of natural diamonds could be.

It frustrated me and I felt the first jewellers we met with had not given us the full picture and wanted us to walk away with a natural diamond.

It also felt very unromantic that one of the first things a jeweller had said when I brought up the idea of laboratory-grown diamonds for our rings was that we would not be able to sell them in the future.


Stephen and Olga

Why did you choose a laboratory-grown diamond for Olga’s engagement ring?
Steven: I work in London in finance and had heard about laboratory-grown diamonds from colleagues in the US four or five years ago.

I knew I wanted to propose to Olga and was fascinated by the idea of a diamond that was grown by humans.

It really resonated with me as Olga had a tech start-up then – I thought she would love the story of her diamond being made by people who are as smart and brilliant as she is.

What surprised me was that back then it was really difficult to find LGDs in London. I searched online but felt uneasy about purchasing something so important without seeing it first.

In the end I found the perfect ring while in the US. I was so nervous to propose and questioned if I had made the right choice in choosing a laboratory-grown diamond – back then it was not something people had heard of.

Friends would make comments about it being fake. When I saw Olga’s eyes light up I knew I had made the right choice.

Did the future value of your ring ever concern you? 
Steven: No, I don’t plan to sell it and the emotional value of the ring and the story behind it far outweighs that.

Olga will also tell you that she managed to convince me to buy her a pair of 3ct laboratory-grown diamond studs, so I think it’s fair to say we both won when I chose a laboratory-grown diamond.

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