Green Rocks

The market for laboratory-grown diamonds has evolved and it has evolved quickly, says Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks.

He continues: “I have worked with mined diamonds through Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds – the parent company of Green Rocks – for 20 years and never in my career have I seen a product bring life to the whole diamond industry in the way laboratory-grown diamonds have.

“Laboratory-grown diamonds are creating a new audience for fine jewellery all over the world, and market research shows us that consumer awareness of the product is only continuing to grow.”


“There will always be a market for the amazing treasures of Mother Nature’s natural diamonds but there is a new generation of customers who view laboratory-grown diamonds as an option – they, too, deserve our protection.”
— Gemological Institute of America

Laboratory-grown diamonds by the numbers

  • 77% of European consumers are aware of laboratory-grown diamonds
  • 41% of European consumers report they have either purchased or received laboratory-grown jewellery in the last three years
  • 73% of European consumers respond positively to laboratory-grown diamonds

“In just ten short years, laboratory-grown diamonds have come from nowhere to being the fastest growing category in the jewellery category today.”
— Forbes

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