Ethical jeweller Greg Valerio launched Valerio, an online fairtrade jewellery brand, yesterday.

The Valerio jewellery brand offers classic and contemporary designed luxury pieces made from the most socially conscious, environmentally responsible and desirable metals and gems on the planet, as Valerio aims to create a harmonious and elegant union between the land, the miner, the jeweller and the final customer.

Valerio Jewellery provides people with an opportunity to mark some of the most important occasions of their lives without the exploitation of other people and the planet.


Since leaving CRED Jewellery in 2009, Greg Valerio  has worked alongside Fairtrade International, The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO), 16 August Union (Greenland) and with numerous community based mining groups from the eastern D.R. Congo (gold), Greenland (ruby), Kenya (gold), Sierra Leone (gold & diamonds) and further afield. This extended break from being a retail jeweller has afforded him time to witness firsthand the progress, as well as the scale of the moral and ethical challenge that still faces the jewellery profession.

Valerio comments: “Jewellery is exciting for me, and I want to start over. Having criss-crossed the globe over the last twenty years, I have learned so much about ethical jewellery and I want to discover more.

“I have only begun to scratch the surface of the ethical transformation of the jewellery world. I want to explore the beauty of gemstones, redeem the diamond and invest all over again into the resources of the land benefiting the people of the land.

“Jewellery is far more than the perpetuation of the cult of beauty, it is about true beauty, an external reflection of an inner radiance. I remain dedicated to being a jeweller and activist and I want my brand to reflect this commitment”.

Launching with a classic bridal range, created from certified Fairtrade gold and silver, traceable diamonds and gemstones, Valerio aims to speak directly to the jewellery buying public offering greater choice to consumers as to the design, value and source of their jewellery purchase.

“Consumers should be told where the materials in their jewellery comes from. This is not an optional extra, full disclosure should be systemic across jewellery, and consumers should think carefully about the jewellery they are buying if the retailer cannot or will not disclose source. How can I claim to be acting responsibly if I cannot look my customer in the eye and tell them were the metal and stones come from. True Love always knows it source and I am delighted to work with the best suppliers in the business to offer customers the purest jewellery anyone can aspire to give.”

Click here to view the debut range.