Gemological Science International (GSI) is opening its latest laboratory, this time in the city of Jaipur in India.

The gemological organisation, founded in New York in 2005 and one of the world’s largest, said that the facility will feature all the usual GSI core services.

These will include an array of educational programmes, including entry-level and advanced coloured stone identification courses, seminars and lectures.


In addition, the laboratory will house a dedicated division specialising in coloured gemstone geographical origin and identification.

The organisation felt that Jaipur was the perfect location for this facility given that the city is the capital of the coloured gem industry.

Debbie Azar, president and co-founder of GSI, stated: “We are thrilled to continue GSI’s global expansion and open another laboratory in India.

“The demand for GSI certification and origin testing for natural and lab-grown diamonds, as well as colored gemstones, continues to grow and the Jaipur lab will help us meet that global need.”