Guess celebrates 10 years.

Guess Jewellery is getting ready to celebrate its first decade with a special collection.

October 2017 marks the 10 anniversary of the jewellery brand, which first launched in 2007.

To celebrate the occasion, Guess Jewellery has chosen to pay homage to the brand’s roots with the Guess Originals collections, a theme also present in other Guess lines.


The Guess Originals collection is the end result of detailed research into the historical Guess advertising campaigns, which are in black and white, with the brand re-discovering its original values.

As such, the new collection symbolises the brand’s values.

Part of the range includes ‘Hoops I did it Again’, a line celebrating one of the Guess trademarks in various sizes, while Dream Girl features hero ‘talking’ pieces

View a sneak peak here: