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GUEST COLUMN: A recent experiment has highlighted the value in investing in packaging


Words by Cathie Osborne, founder and managing director, Hatton & Spencer

Packaging can add huge value to your products and to your brand, so getting it right should be top of all of our to-do lists.

Let’s face it, despite the well-known saying people almost always judge a book by its cover. First impressions count. So, when you’re thinking about how your jewellery is presented, it really does pay to invest time and resources into making sure your packaging, bags and displays add maximum value to your product.

Recently my attention was drawn to some fascinating research from Ch. Dahlinger – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury packaging and a well-respected industry giant. Their experiment involved showing a ring worth €16 to three groups of consumers. The catch was the ring was presented in three different grades of ring boxes. In a budget-level plastic box, the group valued the ring at €75; in a higher quality hinged box, the next group valued it at €225; and in a luxury box, the final group of consumers thought the ring was worth a whopping €400. Talk about adding value!

Presenting your products in beautiful packaging is not just about increasing their perceived value, although that alone would be worth the investment. It’s also a golden opportunity to delight and engage with your customers, in-store and online. At Hatton & Spencer, we call it the art of the reveal and with the right boxes, bags, displays and finishing touches, you can create some theatre, tell a story and add real depth and personality to your brand and the buying experience.

Whether they’re purchasing a treat for themselves or a gift, the box is an integral part of the buying and giving of jewellery. At the very least, customers expect the packaging to match the value of your beautiful products, but by upgrading the packaging your jewellery will also enjoy an uplift. The box speaks volumes about the product inside and so getting the former right will reassure your customers about the level of luxury they’re buying into. However, as the experienced team here at Hatton & Spencer will tell you, it’s not about buying the most luxurious boxes, it’s often about the all-important finishing touches – printed tissue paper, bespoke stickers, printed messages, ribbons and more.

Finally, it’s important to remember that your packaging says everything about your brand. Think of it as another means of communicating with your customers, think of it as an integral part of your marketing. They say, clothes make the man, but we could just as easily update that to packaging completes your brand. And using our experience and expertise to help our customers get that right, whatever their budget, is what drives us here at Hatton & Spencer.


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