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Finding the right signature style when developing an in-house jewellery collection can often feel like a daunting prospect for retailers.

However, some simple rules can ensure the best end-result, writes Howard Pessall, director of CME Jewellery.

Creating your own in-house collection offers the potential for greater control over budget, design and profit margins.


As a wholesaler of non-branded ‘demi-fine jewellery’ we are often asked how retailers should start to build their own in-house identity.

Jewellery remains a dynamic market where retailers with good entrepreneurial instincts can prosper, on- and off-line.

Jewellery’s appeal across gender, age and culture offers possibilities but it can be daunting knowing where to start, especially if you are new to the business or trying something different.

There is no getting away from the fact that finding your signature style will set you apart from the rest.

A commercially successful collection is distinctive, tells a story through your products, and has pieces that work well together.

Defining your ideal customer and your own strengths will help you decide on a direction.

Online sales tend to be more trend-led where influences from the catwalk and editorials inspire customer choices, but jewellery is more than just about fashion and many successful traders create collections with appeal to more classical or unconventional customers.

Collections need a touch of ‘wow’ factor, hero pieces to attract attention and tempt browsers. Bestsellers will emerge from key pieces in your signature range, usually in a mid-price bracket.

A range of staples such as chains, studs, and bangles boost background sales and gives customers an entree into your brand.

Fine-tune your range as you go along, look to improve and change as new ideas keep customers coming back and capture the imagination of new ones.

Hoops epitomise it all – classic style and yet constantly ‘in style’. They are the staple with a model for every design and budget. Contemporary reinventions involving texture, charms or pearls give the fresh take.

Huge silhouettes are the pieces with ‘wow’ factor and more modest hoops are never less than evergreen best-sellers.

Either way, building your own collection can be a rewarding experience that gives your business a true point of difference.


CME Jewellery is a leading importer and wholesaler of non-branded sterling silver and gold, selling exclusively to the trade. For more information:

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