GUEST COLUMN: Claire Adler on the power of language


Guest column by luxury communications consultant, Claire Adler.

Over the last decade, as a contributor on jewellery and diamonds to the Financial Times and other publications, I’ve received my fair share of press releases.

Recently, I was on stage in conversation with Vanity Fair contributing editor and Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Saltzman. I mentioned that some journalists currently receive 100 emails daily from brands seeking coverage. “100?” Elizabeth asked me, shocked, before confirming she receives over 1000 approaches every day.

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I believe jewellers underestimate how sceptical luxury consumer journalists can be. And who can blame them when their inboxes are bursting with claims of impeccable craftsmanship and exclusive use of the world’s finest diamonds?

When so many brands say the same thing, words lose their meaning. No brand is immune to the challenges and potential pitfalls involved in winning the attention of journalists. Even luxury giants are under pressure to craft clear, concise and inspiring messages to establish their authority in the marketplace. Sometimes it only takes a few carefully chosen words to change the way we think about something forever.

In the late 19th century, the Prince of Wales called Cartier “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers”. It’s a phrase Cartier still uses today and it marked the beginning of an enduring bond between the brand and the British royal family. I love imagining the excitement among the staff in the Cartier office the morning after this royal tagline was coined.

Through my two workshops – The Media Mindset Workshop and from autumn 2016, The Power Writing for PRs Workshop – I help clients pinpoint and articulate the important narratives that differentiate them from their rivals. My goal is to empower PR and communications professionals with the confidence to optimise the quality and quantity of their press coverage. For example, can you tell two inspiring anecdotes about the history of your company?

All jewellers have stories that are waiting to be told. But not all are telling them.

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