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GUEST COLUMN: Gem business moves online during the Covid-19 pandemic


Star Lanka is a Bangkok-based supplier and manufacturer of high-quality gemstones since 1985.

Here it tells PJ why its services have not been diluted but strengthened by going online during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives.

Here at Starlanka.com, we have had to move much of our gemstone sales online.

Of course, this has meant that we have had to change many of the approaches we take to sales, but one thing hasn’t changed. That is the quality of the amazing gemstones that we offer.

Our online store has a variety of unique gemstones for you to look at. However, there are a few that we really feel deserve their own time to shine. So, let’s take a look at some of our best-loved gemstones available online.

Paraiba Tourmaline
The Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone comes from Brazil and is thought of not only as incredibly beautiful but also as rare too. It is a popular choice for many people as it comes in a number of different shades.

You can choose from greenish-blue, bluish-green, green, blue and violet too. Whilst each shade has its own elegance and beauty, the blue and violet are the most popular.

More expensive than some of the other gemstones out there, we do believe that this gem is entirely worth it, especially when you are gifting it to someone who is incredibly special to you.

Mozambique Ruby
As the name suggests, the Mozambique Ruby comes from the Mozambique area of Africa. Of course, Africa is well-known for producing gemstones (and rubies in particular) that are beautiful, but there is something special about this specific ruby.

A premium-grade ruby is not only highly transparent, which means that you really enjoy all the beauty of the gemstone, it is also popular thanks to the deep, rich red colour, which makes it an excellent choice for a variety of jewellery pieces.

Zambian Emerald
In western astrology, the Zambian Emerald is the birthstone for those who were born in May; however, it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to invest in a gorgeous gemstone.

This particular emerald is known to be of a superior variety, and it is well-loved thanks to the deep green colour that it has, along with some slight blue tones. The emerald is also clear and transparent, which means that it looks incredibly beautiful as the light shines through it.

Do you think that right now is the time to invest in a beautiful gemstone? Want to treat someone that you love or perhaps treat yourself to something special? Take a look at our collection online.

We have so many unique gemstones that you are sure to find one that you will love.

Whether it is one of the above gems or something entirely different, we promise that you will also love our quality and service, no matter where you are in the world.


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