Words by Henryka founder, Anna Emmett.

Now that the excitement of Christmas is out of the way, we are beginning to set our goals for Henryka this year.

The first is growing our retail accounts sustainably and working with our existing partners to ensure we tailor the product mix perfectly for their customers. Our second resolution is to continue our marketing efforts, with model photography, active social media and blogs. The third thing we will focus on in 2019 is the continued growth of our ecommerce store.


Occasionally we hear that, by offering an ecommerce store, brands detract attention from their retail partners; I don’t believe this is the case. In order to recognise, trust and understand Henryka, customers need to be able to quickly and easily discover our ethos. To do this, they will undoubtedly search our brand name in Google. We would rather our customers find a perfectly presented, easy to navigate and forward-looking online store than a static page. In the long-term this first impression and brand awareness will benefit everyone, including our retail partners.

Trying to predict what will happen over the next 12 months is a challenge. The high street is far from easy, which is something we recognise as both a wholesale brand and as a mono-brand retailer in Hereford. I believe the trend towards personalisation will only intensify, encouraging customers to be bold when asking for alterations to ready-to-wear pieces or bespoke creations. The interest in healing crystal culture that has flourished over the last 12 months is simply a condition of the customer’s desire for personalisation — it is all about saying more with jewellery. Everything needs to be rooted in a message, outlook or emotion.

Overall, our biggest goal in 2019 is to continue creating a signature style that lasts. As we all know, the jewellery sector is hugely competitive, and no matter how tempting it is to look to our nearest competitor and mimic their route to success, this is never going to create a long-term, successful brand. As a brand owner in 2019 you need to have ‘selective tunnel vision’, knowing exactly when to stay focused on your own identity and when to look outwards, into the trade, to follow the broader trends.