Words by Charlotte Biehl, founder, byBiehl

At byBiehl we have worked intensively on social media over the past few years — and I am happy to say it is paying off.

Social media is very important for building brand awareness and creating a desire for byBiehl. We have seen that social media has activity resulted in several of our retailers seeing customer demand from day one of stocking our products. One of our Norwegian retailers even sold out in just seven days because of the buzz about our designs on social media.


For us as a brand there are two different dimensions of social media which are both really important. Firstly, we focus on our own social media channels, and secondly, we work actively with influencers and brand ambassadors.

For our own social media accounts, it’s really important that we show beautiful pictures and that people get a feeling for the byBiehl universe when they visit our profile. We want women to engage with us on the social media and that only happens if we constantly do our best to make inspiring content and if we engage back with our followers.

Our focus on social media is not on selling. Instead it’s on branding, to tell the stories behind the products and to inspire the women who follow us. The content therefore is often written by myself so our followers really get a personal connection with the brand.

In every market we enter we work with social media influencers. In the UK we already have a large base of loyal brand ambassadors.

In fact, the large interest from social media influencers in the UK was one of the reasons we chose to launch in this market.

We had daily requests from UK influencers wanting to wear our products and we figured, if the UK influencers love our jewellery, then other women in the UK would probably like it too.

Working with influencers or brand ambassadors can be a really effective way of marketing your products. The only issue can be that many influencers charge a lot for making paid promotion, often influencers charge from £500-5000 for just one single post on Instagram. The only way to get around these high costs is if the influencers love the products so much that they ask for a collaboration themselves.

We are confident our focus on social media will benefit our retailers in the UK. We can see that our stockists already have a good sell through. I doubt that it would have happened as fast if we hadn’t focused so much on social media influencers.