Retailers have made the most of a bad lot during the pandemic, upping their e-commerce efforts as customers were forced to buy online, with many reporting success through that avenue.

Nevertheless, most jewellers are looking to get back to physical retail in a big way now that shops are open again.

With retail reopening all at once, competition will be fierce, but there are ways store owners can stay ahead of their rivals. Goodman Bros sales director, Tammy Keys-Transfeldt, reveals her top tips.


The lockdown has obviously resulted in customers not being able to visit our shops at all. We have seen a surge across all online platforms, filling a void and giving the customer an avenue to not only shop but to find a sense of normality in these crazy times.

Fortunately, an online store cannot replace human interaction and the thrill of looking at beautiful, shiny product; trying out different designs and styles, then finding a favourite; the willing sales assistant there every step of the way, guiding and advising until the purchase is made and the satisfied customer on their way.

What starts out as a basic transaction between retailer and consumer can be built on to create a relationship that blossoms from trust and understanding.

The industry may have been rocked by the events of the past year but there is an opportunity to bring the magic back by reminding our consumer of the expertise and personal treatment they get when stepping through the door.

Entice them with offers of memorable, enjoyable or beneficial experiences. The challenge the retailer has is to devise and offer scenarios that do this effortlessly.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by giving excellent service which does not necessarily have to be related to the cost of providing it.

Goodman Bros prides itself on being ‘The Service Brand Company’ and service, is, without a doubt something that will play a vital role in getting the footfall back through the doors.

As our retail partners begin their preparations for the ever-elusive green light, the team at Goodman Bros have been hard at work devising strategies to support our partners as they charter these uncertain waters.

Every brand carried within the Goodman Bros stable has been carefully selected to work hand in hand with our retail partners allowing them to offer a complete 360-degree customer service experience.

An obvious service that can be offered is ear-piercing. By offering this service a retailer can build a loyal customer base and repeat business.

It offers a prime opportunity to capture spontaneous purchases at the same time as being a service that drives incremental visits.

In addition, Ear-piercing is a service that can ONLY be offered in person. Ear-piercing is one of the most talked about trends of 2020/2021. From the basic lobe piercing to a full curated ear and the demand for this service is ALL year round (imagine the pent-up demand from lockdown!)

Goodman Bros is proud to represent Inverness, the world’s safest & gentlest ear-piercing system*
We offer comprehensive training, incorporating Covid-19 safety guidelines combined with full licencing support making ear piercing easy to learn and execute in store.

The Inverness system is the only product on the market with fully enclosed sterile earring capsules that guard against exposure to potential contaminants prior to piercing.

The ideal solution for answering the demand of piercing in the safest, most hygienic way in these uncertain times.

Create the magical, memorable moments in your store and let Goodman Bros help you to keep them coming back for more.

Email or call 01223 828718 for more information on how to get involved with ear piercing or any of the other bespoke services that Goodman Bros can offer.

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