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GUEST COLUMN: How to effectively use bloggers and influencers


In an age where bloggers have become celebrities and digital gurus have become influencers, social media, PR and communications consultant Rosalind Shimmen shares how the jewellery industry can utalise this growing trend.

Most of us remember the days when only journalists held the key to a brands earned publicity. Companies hired PR personnel to cultivate positive relationship with journalist to land placements in printed press.

Today that landscape has changed. As well as utilising press releases and traditional media relationships, building strong ties with influential bloggers and digital influencers is just as important.

I can understand why people working within the jewellery industry, especially within fine goods are sceptical to the idea, however for your business to grow its important that you are able to adapt and embrace the new way of PR and marketing.

Like traditional media bloggers and influencers can control your brands reputation, influence purchase behaviour, impact your SEO, drive traffic to your website, and are the gatekeepers to your audience.

Nielsen BuzzMetrics recorded that 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know and 70% trust consumer opinions that are posted on an online source.  A high percentage that cannot be ignored, don’t you agree?

So it’s now got to that time within your business that you know you need to work with digital influencers, but you’ve found yourself asking, ‘where do I start?’

With the increasing number of influencers I can understand that it can be a daunting and time-consuming task, that’s why a number of brands outsource their blogger and influencer initiatives to us.

Working together we will be able to identify a selection of influencers that suit your brand and it’s message. Using your brand profile, we will design, develop and manage a meaningful blogger strategy package to help your brand develop long-lasting relationships that deliver.

Before we start on a blogger and influencer campaign we ask our client to paint us a picture of their existing or desired customer (depending on what audience they are looking to reach). We then use this to design, develop and manage a meaningful influencer strategy.

The key to carrying out any ambassador project is to find people that suit your brand image, key message and audience.  Does the influencer shop in the same places as your target customer? Does the influencer spend their weekends carrying out similar activities, as would your target customer? These are the basics to running a successful Influencer campaign.

Once you have identified the influencers come up with fun and creative ways you can a line your brand alongside them. If it’s a particular product you want to push then I would suggest product seeding, if it’s a whole range then I would suggest a blogger event or trip, the more creative the better, your aim goal is for the influencer to create as many visually attractive blog and social media images as possible, so the more creative and eye catching the idea, the easier it will be for the influencers to achieve this!

It’s safe to say digital pr and marketing holds no boundaries, it’s okay and even enforced to think outside the usual guidelines. There are multiple ways you can work with influencers. We cover a wide range of campaign mediums, from simply seeding product in exchange for credited social media/blog features to organising branded blogger events and trips abroad.

It’s time to face and embrace the fact that PR is going digital, people are making money from their phones and changing the world along with the presence of your brand with wifi.









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