GUEST COLUMN: How do you reach the consumer in 2019?

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As a jewellery brand trying to get brand awareness and to always extend our network of consumers in the competitive market of 2019, we constantly ask ourselves how we can do better, and how to give the consumer exactly what they want.

In Futerra’s survey from 2018 of over 1,000 consumers in the USA and UK, they discovered that 96% of people feel their own actions, such as donating, recycling or buying ethically, can make a difference. It also revealed an overwhelming demand for brands to step up on sustainable lifestyles. A new era of sustainability is rising, and consumers in markets big and small are increasingly motivated to be more environmental conscious and are exercising their power and voice through the products they buy.

At byBiehl we believe that companies are obligated to make a difference, and to help where we can. We also want to create jewellery with personal value to the consumer, and to act upon the needs of the consumer here in 2019. As a result, we launched our new collection called Jungle Ivy in the spring of 2019. The goal of this collection was to plant more than a thousand Mangrove trees in Indonesia and on Madagascar. For each sold jewellery in this collection we therefore planted a Mangrove tree, in this way offering the consumer the opportunity to put action into their wish to take care of the planet, and at the same time act upon the constantly growing demand for brands to step up on their sustainable initiatives.

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We are now planting the first 20,000 Mangrove trees at Madagascar and in Indonesia as a result of a very successful campaign and launch of the Jungle Ivy collection. If we look at the numbers, it is very clear that this is a campaign that really stands out. Within the first month, we sold out on all our products from this line.

This being said, the Jungle Ivy collection has also helped us get a lot of positive brand awareness, and we have had a lot of positive responses from our retailers and on social media channels, where people are sharing our news and reacting positively towards our campaign #bybiehlgivesbacktonature, where we encourage people to share the hashtag to help get more Mangrove trees planted.

With the launch of this collection, and with an eye to Futerra’s survey from 2018, we have really experienced a change in consumer behaviour first hand, and we really believe the consumers to be increasingly motivated to be more environmental conscious and exercising their power and voice through the products they buy.

In the end of September, we will therefore introduce some brand new designs to the Jungle Ivy collection, which hopefully will ensure even more trees being planted.

The goal is to plant thousands of trees, and the planting of the 20.000 Mangrove trees is only the first step towards giving back to our planet, and at the same time offering the consumer to put action into their wish on taking care of the planet.

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