Understanding the lifestyle of your customer is key to developing a successful brand.

Tutti & Co has re-branded and evolved over the past 18 months, ensuring the focus of design always begins with the lifestyle of the consumer in mind.

Understanding our customer’s lifestyle has transformed the power of the brand, offering current and prospective customers products they desire, but don’t always need, and offering a lifestyle that they can buy into. Affordable and exclusive, simple yet stylish, inspired by gorgeously strong and authentic women who are living life to its fullest,


We are a young, dynamic, design-led business, who are our own customers. We love life, understand work-life balance and keep that positive mind-set no matter the situation. A down-to-earth attitude and transparent nature is something people love about us.

Designed for a self-assured woman who is confident and happy in her skin. We began by identifying the customer early on in the rebrand, to really understand what motivates her. How does she live?, shop?, entertain? Where does she travel? What does she wear? All these questions were fundamental in curating the perfect lifestyle collection.

‘Louise’ is in her 40’s but looks and acts like she is in her 30’s. She’s fun loving, creative and effortlessly stylish. She looks after herself and loves to travel. Her home is a style statement, and she is at her happiest when the house is full with family and friends.

Considering all elements of the customer’s lifestyle, we developed a brand from jewellery to include lifestyle and home products. Every design is thoughtfully created and considered. The perfect piece of jewellery for a shopping trip, or that statement piece for an evening dinner date or a selection of layered fine jewellery for a holiday getaway — every event is covered by us.

We believe that life is good when it’s done in style. Starting your day in a beautiful environment, dressing with eye-catching accessories and clothing. Style starts with curation and editing — sometimes someone needs a hint of sparkle and sometimes it’s all about monochrome textures. Whatever it is, we are thoughtful about what we create, seeking to provide beautiful objects and offer them to our customer who can then create their own style and story with products designed with them in mind.