Industry column by Amber Saunder, sales and marketing manager, Insignety

Innovation and technology surround us in our daily lives; we often rely on it without question and readily embrace it. Can the same be said for the jewellery industry?

With brands such as Topshop, Nike and Lego recognising the need to incorporate innovation to attract their customers rather than relying on more traditional marketing methods, augmented reality gives their customers a reason to go in store rather than shop online. The response to these new and interactive experiences has been extremely positive and lots more brands are taking note.


Renowned for being quite traditional, the time has come for the jewellery industry to be doing the same and welcoming innovation and technology to keep future generations shopping in our bricks and mortar stores.

Aside from the Pandora phenomenon, there hasn’t been much to enter or shake up our trade. Or at least not before Insignety launched earlier this year.

On my flight to Amsterdam to encounter the brand for the very first time, I pondered the conversation I had with our UK MD who told me I would be ‘blown away’ by what I was about to see. Having purposely not been told anything about the concept, I was trying to fathom what Insignety could be. By lunch time, I was completely hooked and most definitely ‘blown away’ by the innovation and very clever use of technology Insignety had utilised to create a completely unique in-store experience for consumers.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Insignety, it empowers consumers to create bespoke jewellery designs that they see come to life before their eyes in store, in a very easy and interactive process.

All consumer market research points to new generations of shoppers not wanting mass production, they want and expect instant information, their desire for personalisation is very strong and is continuing to grow and an interactive in-store experience drives them into bricks and mortar stores because it can’t be replicated when ordering online.

The retail landscape is overcrowded for consumers so we need to be attracting them using new and innovative methods. The feedback we are getting time and again is that consumers love the interactivity of our brand.

The jewellery industry shouldn’t be afraid of innovation and technology but should embrace it to help us secure the longevity of this amazing trade.