Words by Sequoia Harris-O’Reilly, account executive, River Mounts

With so many different platforms to interact with your customer, why stop at one?

When River Mounts first started, we were operating from a small apartment in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter – with our main point of contact being phone calls, emails and occasionally popping in for a face-to-face visit.


Now don’t get me wrong, phone calls and emails are still one of the most effective contact methods in our industry and we still rely heavily on both; but we decided that being reachable by our customers is so important, we wanted to open as many contact channels as possible.

Some of our most surprising (yet effective) channels are WhatsApp, live chat and instant messaging.
The beauty of this method is how quickly and efficiently you’re able to communicate with your customer.

We often get the message: [image] “Do you have anything like this in stock to show a customer?”.

Already this is so much more effective than if someone were to describe a ring over the phone, as we’re able to see exactly what kind of product both the retailer and their customer are looking for — meaning we can get back to them fairly instantly on prices, products and stock availability.

If your customer can contact you via some form of IM service you’ve already provided them with a method of convenience, familiarity and increased the likelihood of them using your service.

At River Mounts we’ve been a little late to the ‘web-front’ party. However, we’re now seriously making up for lost time; putting in hundreds of man hours, money and ideas into how we can best benefit our customers. When considering priorities, we wanted to build a product where ease-of-use is just as important as aesthetics and we’re constantly updating our portal with new features to better support retailers and their customers when picking their dream piece.

When developing your own web pages, it’s important to remember that taking inspiration from other industries in order to make your products better is absolutely okay! Ladies (and gents) let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time on websites like Boohoo or Amazon, and the reason for this is because not only do they look good, but they are incredibly convenient. So, if you find specific features that you use day-to-day, and you think you can adjust it to suit your customer… do it!

With technology now an ever-present factor of our lives: Social Media. Is. Everywhere! This is now your advantage. If used correctly, you now have a personalised advertising device that your customer either always has in their hand or pocket (come on, we’re all guilty of it). Better yet, your customers enjoy seeing your updates, they want to tag their partners in photos of your beautiful jewellery, they want to hear the happily-ever-afters of your previous clients and they want to see what makes you different from every other jeweller (be that the ‘uniqueness’ of the pieces you sell, how wonderful your staff are, or what differences you’re making to your local community).

Help your customers help you by becoming an omnichannel based jewellery business.