Customers buying a gift for themselves has in recent months given something of a boost to jewellery retailers.

Brands hoping to take advantage of the new wave of female self-purchasers will have to consider the sustainability pedigree of their products, writes the founder of Retaissance, Cathie Osborne…

Recent reports show that sustainability will play an increasingly important role in buying decisions.


Purchases of demi-fine and fine jewellery influenced by sustainability will more than triple in the years ahead, presenting an opportunity for the industry to make positive change.

In its ‘State of the Jewellery Industry Report 2021’, the JCK highlighted: “One ongoing trend is the growing presence of female self-purchasers.

The jewellery industry has long been aware of this group. But it’s one thing to identify a trend, and another to see its powerful presence grow: a full 76% of respondents said they noticed an increase in women purchasing jewellery for themselves.

The purchases were significant: stores with revenue over $1 million (£750,000) noted an average sale of $1,736 (£1,302) per purchase for women buying for themselves, while stores with revenue under $1 million pegged these sales at an average [of] $1,164 (£873).

Per the survey, the most appealing price point for female self-purchasers is $500 (£375) or more.

The most likely age group for self-purchasing was Generation Z — even younger than millennials — though 45% of the older generations also reported buying themselves at least one piece of jewellery.”

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