Fabergé managing director Antony Lindsay on how best to ensure the survival of a heritage brand with the right balance of nods to the past and innovating for the future.

Many of today’s leading luxury brands use their heritage and legacy to convey value, which in-turn develops authenticity and trust, contributing to heightened consumer loyalty.

Whilst brand heritage can be a tremendous asset, it must be conveyed in a relevant way. As times change and social movements develop, so brands must adapt to survive. Heritage brands must master the delicate balancing act of meeting the demand for innovation, while upholding tradition.


Being custodians of one of the most celebrated and treasured names in luxury is a tremendous privilege and responsibility, and we approach each day with an enormous sense of pride and, not least, honour. At times this great honour can weigh heavy, but more often than not it provides us with a myriad of exciting opportunities and a constant source of inspiration.

Simply replicating the past is a mistake, and at Fabergé we instead seek to draw inspiration from our gloried past and apply it in a modern contemporary way, that’s relevant today.

Heritage offers the opportunity to pass on stories to the next generation and can transport clients from a journey of discovery to a destination of desire. To coin a phrase we love at Fabergé: “Our Heritage, Your Legacy”.

One way in which brands such as ours can preserve their own heritage is by retaining and celebrating time-honoured designs and craft techniques – such as the highly skilled craft of guilloché enamel, which Fabergé is of course world-renowned for – but also remastering them in a modern and contemporary way.

In the age of mass production and fast fashion, there is still a great appreciation for luxury products that take diligence and a great deal of time and skill to create. At Fabergé, our goal is to strive to reject today’s consumerist trends that we feel move against our core principles – namely of creating prized possessions of unsurpassed design and quality, that will stand the test of time and be passed down from generation to generation.

Being custodians of a heritage brand isn’t just about preserving the past after all, as it’s also about writing the next chapter and this is why I can’t wait to get out of bed most days.

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