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GUEST COLUMN: MonaPink on working with argentium and ethical enamel


I am a firm believer in beauty. The kind of understated beauty you need to look to see, that starts from within and radiates out gently.

Launching your own brand gives you the chance to establish everything from the start, aligned with your beliefs and values. When setting up MonaPink I decided to incorporate my belief in beauty and started to ask questions that I have not asked before.

A beautiful product starts with beautiful materials, so I researched the options and came across the ethical metals. I explored Fairtrade, Fairmined as well as green/eco/recycled metals and eventually discovered Argentium and fell in love. A modern alloy of silver it comes in .935 or .960 purity and has a variety of astonishing qualities.

Argentium is beautiful for the Earth — it’s responsibly made from ethically sourced silver and does not require plating. It is beautiful for the maker as it’s such a pleasure to work with, and last but not least, it’s beautiful for the wearer — it is whiter than platinum, hypoallergenic and it does not tarnish.

I also looked for alternative ways to add colour, and discovered enamelling.

An ongoing process
The ethical journey continues and I am constantly asking myself what can be done better, with less of an impact on the planet, how can I add value? The list is long and includes packaging, substances used in the studio, utilities and more. I think it all makes the whole process a little bit more beautiful each time.

What do I hope to achieve?
As soon as you start a dialogue with your client about a piece, its story, origin, they immediately engage, but are rarely aware of the issues present in the trade. Therefore making consumers aware they can choose ethical and make a difference with their purchases is my primary goal.

Raising awareness in the jewellery community is also key in order to create a shift in mentality and habits. We all talk about how slow fashion and jewellery should be slow fashion by nature. Made to last, jewellery becomes future heirlooms. It would be great not only to leave an inheritance of jewels but also of transparent and fair processes — wouldn’t that be beautiful?


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