WOLF specialises in jewellery and watch cases, safes and other items like watch winders.

Here CEO Simon Wolf talks the importance of protecting one’s own personal legacy.

WOLF has been an industry leader for years and in 2020 it launched a campaign based on its shared purpose with consumers, protecting legacy.


WOLF handcrafts the most exquisite designs of jewellery cases, watch winders, and safes, all items that help protect the consumer’s precious legacy pieces.

Whether a necklace, watch or important letter, it is a way to connect with the consumers and share what inspires them at the same time.

As the industry has evolved so has the approach to our customers. Customers are no longer just consumers; they want to be co-creators.

The products they purchase exceeds the product, it says something about who they are, or want to be. They want to be a part of something; to belong; to influence and to engage.

The brand’s purpose needs to be shared between the brand and its consumers. At WOLF there is purpose behind everything we do because we know purpose transcends business and products.

One of the ways in which WOLF protects legacy is with the help of its patented technology for jewellery storage boxes.

All WOLF jewellery boxes’ interior is lined with the company’s patented technology called LusterLoc. LusterLoc technology is WOLF’s answer to jewellery tarnishing.

Jewellery usually begins tarnishing immediately with air contact and the LusterLoc formula neutralises this process. LusterLoc will keep your jewellery as new for up to 35 years.

This creates a safe space for the consumer’s legacy pieces and also creates a shared purpose of protecting legacy between WOLF and the consumer.

To learn more about WOLF and how to protect your own legacy pieces readers can visit www.WOLF1834.com.

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